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Dessert Recipes: Cooking With Mezcal

You love to drink Mezcal, so you’re starting to wonder how you can eat Mezcal. The answer? You can incorporate it into lunch, dinner, and especially delicious and easy desserts. If you’re here, that means you’re ready to kick your Mezcal connoisseur-ing up a notch. Let’s get into the culinary side of the kitchen and put some Mezcal where our mouth/spatula is.

Can I Cook With Mezcal?

Cooking with Mezcal is becoming more and more popular. In Oaxaca, where over 85% of Mezcal is produced, chefs have been using Mezcal in their favorite recipes for ages now. From pan-roasted shrimp appetizers and marinated chicken to peanut butter and chocolate desserts, Mezcal is being added to ingredient lists all over.

It’s a slow process, though. Mezcal is pretty new to the world outside of Mexico, and even in Mexico, it wasn’t the revered spirit it is today until semi-recently. Now that it has an ever-growing reputation, Mexico’s best restaurants have started incorporating it into their menus.

If you can’t make it to Mexico, the next best thing is to bring Mexico to you with a bottle of Mezcal for your kitchen endeavors.

Why Is Cooking With Mezcal So Awesome?

If you’re interested in cooking with Mezcal, chances are you love its complex taste. Mezcal’s naturally smokey flavor and different aromas can play into your dishes in tasty, unexpected ways. You can use just a little, and it will go a long way.

Cook down the alcohol content and leave just the special flavor characteristics of your Mezcal to accompany your dish, or go full throttle with the bottle for a boozy dessert—the choice is yours.

What Are the Yummiest Mezcal Dessert Recipes?

Do you love Mezcal so much that you want it every way you can get it? Us too!

Mezcal is well-known for its smoky flavor, but what else is going on there? The agave used to make Mezcal is actually very sweet, and when you cook down some of the alcohol, that sweetness comes out.

We’ve gathered up some indulgent drinks, sweet sides, and chocolatey bites that go best with a Mezcal infusion.

Wake TF Up

Wake up all your senses with this little energizer! Flick on the coffee machine and grab the Mezcal.

Whether you want a boozy brunch pick-me-up or an electric sizzle before a night out, this Mezcal Rosaluna coffee cocktail has exactly what you need. You could even serve it at the Thanksgiving or Christmas table for a little holiday flair.

Groovy Grilled Pineapple With Whipped Cream

It makes sense that, as Mezcal pairs perfectly with tropical flavors, cooking pineapple with Mezcal would work serendipitously.

Start up the grill (or slide up to your favorite grill master and beg for a little room) and get some pineapple cooking. This dessert is a little savory with just the right amount of sweet—and it’s even better if you add a Mezcal whipped cream topping. To make the most of the Mezcal flavors, baste the slices of pineapple in Mezcal before throwing them on the grill for an extra kick.

You can serve this dish as a light dessert or a sweet side with some Mezcal marinated chicken!

All Buttered Up

This drink is all spiced-up, buttered-up, and ready to mingle with Mezcal. She’s mixed with all the spices that remind you of getting cozy on a warm winter’s night and the cake batter that you know you shouldn’t eat, but you just can’t help yourself.

Make a batch for yourself to take on your date with the couch and a comforting movie, or serve it as a fire-side story starter with you and your besties. Pair with some chocolate chip cookies or even marshmallows roasted over the fireplace, and you’ve got an evening to remember.

Creamy AF Caramel Sauce

If you have a super-sweet tooth, this caramel sauce is for you.

Have you ever made your own caramel? Next question: have you ever made your own Mezcal sipping caramel? Well, in just 15 minutes, you can accomplish both of those things and have a drink in hand too.

We love this caramel as a special ingredient to hot cocoa on a chilly night or if we are feeling especially indulgent, sip it by itself.

The Ultimate Dark Chocolate Truffle

Make these for when you want to look like those people in the chocolate commercials who can eat a truffle in more than one bite.

If you want to get authentic with this one, find some Oaxacan cacao to incorporate. Oaxaca is known for its delicious cacao. It’s even used in spiritual ceremonies! You can even put these in the freezer for a cool midnight snack.

Is Mezcal Rosaluna Good for Baking?

Yes, you can bake with Mezcal as easily as you cook with it! That’s why more and more people are catching on to just how amazing just a touch of Mezcal can make a treat even tastier.

It pairs perfectly with traditional flavors like ginger, cinnamon, and even pumpkin, and soon enough, you won’t be able to get enough. Try swapping it out for the traditional vodka in the crust of your pies for a little extra flavor, or mix a bit into cream cheese frosting for a smokier note. Jump on the wagon at the beginning of the next big baking trend and pour a glass to go with your favorite dessert recipe.

We’ve scoured the internet for trendsetters and found a few recipes we would like to try. Jodi Moreno’s Salty Mezcal Pineapple Upside-Down Cake is perfect with a dollop of vanilla ice cream or even just a sprinkle of brown sugar on top. You could even try your hand at adapting the recipe to make cute little pineapple upside-down cupcakes.

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

While we have found a good number of Mezcal-inspired recipes, there is still a lot to be discovered. See if you can take what you learn from these easy dessert recipes and add some Mezcal to your favorite dishes. Pudding, homemade candies, even banana bread dough—the possibilities are endless!

Don’t stop with desserts. Throw some Mezcal into your main dishes too! Check out our Mezcal Marinated Fajitas Recipe. Imagine a Mezcal Rosaluna meal followed by a Mezcal Rosaluna dessert and all paired with a glass of Mezcal Rosaluna in hand. Our dream grupo-de-tres…


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