One More Round, Please: The Top 10 Mezcal Bars in the US

Here at Rosaluna, we have dedicated ourselves to making the world’s best artesenal Mezcal, and to spreading the magic of the delicious agave spirit as we do it. Whether you prefer to sip your Mezcal slowly alongside a hearty Mexican meal, or more purely, all on its own, we’ve got a venue for you. We want everyone to try this nectar of the gods, whether or not you live near Mezcal producers. So we put together our favorite places to try all across the US. Take a peek, find your favorite, and get to sipping.

What’s a Mezcal Bar (& Where Can I Find One?)

To put it simply, a Mezcal bar is a bar that serves Mezcal. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, unfortunately, most bars haven’t caught wind of Mezcal’s magic just yet, so it’s not always available at your old favorites. Sure, you’ll find rum, dozens of vodkas, and maybe even some aged tequila, but what about the smoky deliciousness of Mezcal? Don’t worry, we got you—we’re here to help you find a place nearby with a fantastic selection of Mezcals.

Plus, if you can’t find one in your area, we deliver all over the country, so you can always count on us. You can even peruse our recipes and shake up a cocktail of your own from the comfort of your kitchen!

East Coast, Doing the Most

Just because it’s far from Mezcal’s ancestral home doesn’t mean the Atlantic coast doesn’t party just as hard-y. Come catch us on the eastside and try these iconic Mezcal menus.

La Contenta, New York, NY

This little mezcaleria actually has two locations: one in the Lower East Side and one in the West Village. Whichever one you go to, you’ll definitely feel like you’ve been transported much farther south of Midtown.

To make your Mezcal experience even better, try some of their Guadalajaran food to add the perfect kick of spice to your night out.

Clavel Mezcaleria, Baltimore, MD

The owner himself is a lover of Mezcal and offers over 50 different types that he’s personally collected from his trips to Mexico. We recommend asking about their Negronis, but it’s hard to go wrong with any of the cocktails at Clavel Mezcaleria.

Plus, the other owner is a chef and can prepare meals that go perfectly with whatever you might be drinking that night. If you’re looking for perfectly crafted food with just the right amount of queso, you’re in luck.

Smack Dab In The Middle

You don’t need an ocean on one side or the other to have a good time with Mezcal. Try some of these bars and enjoy your Mezcal under the stars.

Todos Santos, Chicago, IL

Todos Santos is actually part of a restaurant called Quiote, named after the knight who went tilting at windmills. Offering a wide selection of the best Mezcal around, they also do special tastings. Small groups can learn to master the art of the Mezcal cocktail at home. Your friends will be impressed, trust us.

La Reina, Santa Fe, NM

La Reina means “the queen” in Spanish, and this bar definitely deserves the regal name. Inside the El Rey hotel, you can have a sweet Mezcal-infused drink on their patio right next to their pool. Catching some rays while you enjoy a fantastic drink? Sounds like paradise to us!

Mezcaleria Tobalá, Austin, TX

Mezcaleria Tobala was made to evoke the feeling of being right in the heart of Oaxaca, enjoying Mezcal under the hot desert sun. Everything about the bar feels intimate, especially since it’s on the smaller side, so it’s just you, your friends, and some great Mezcal. Bliss.

Ghost Donkey, Las Vegas, NV

With a funky name and blasting music, Ghost Donkey offers a huge, seasonal selection of Mezcal and other themed drinks. Sit under the neon lights to get transported to the 1960s, Mezcal in hand.

West Coast, Best Coast

When the surf is high, the beaches are packed, and the suns (and buns) are out, you know it’s time for a glass of Mezcal. Check out these great bars on the Pacific coast and get your Mezcal on.

Gracia, Seattle, WA

Gracia may have some amazing Mezcal, but purveyors of all agave drinks, they offer some tasty tequilas too.

The chef brings his ingredients straight from Mexico to ensure an authentic, flavorful experience, no matter what you try. Think burritos with pinto beans and a sprinkling of lettuce or cod appetizers with the perfect jalapeño bite. Yum.

Mosto, San Francisco, CA

Mosto is one of the best places in the Bay Area to find delicious Mezcal cocktails. Their bar manager travels to Mexico on a regular basis to find new and undiscovered Mezcal brands and makers, so the best way to find something new and exciting is to simply ask—they’ve got you covered.

Las Perlas, Los Angeles, CA

Considering how close to the border Los Angeles is, you’d expect to find some of the best mezcalerias here, right? Right! Las Perlas takes its design right from older Oaxacan cantinas and serves nearly 500 different types of agave liquors. You can even have your drink garnished with a grasshopper if you’re feeling extra adventurous.

Bar Calō, Los Angeles, CA

One of the most recent newcomers to the Mezcal scene, Bar Calo just opened this summer, and it already looks like it’s primed to become a hit. They’ve got fresh and trendy cocktails with tons of Mezcals to choose from, with an exciting atmosphere and beach-side relaxation to boot.

Okay Great… And Rosaluna?

Currently, Rosaluna is available in bars across New York, California, and Massachusetts. Lucky for you, our Find Us page can help you see where the closest place to carry our brand is. Happy drinking!


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