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  • A soft-to-the-touch bandana made of 100% cotton and water-based ink

    Rosa The Explorer Bandana

    Whether it be trekking through the hills of Oaxaca or sprinting in the rain to catch the L, adventure always awaits. For a bit of good luck and a sprinkle of Mezcal magic, bring Rosa along for the ride. Made of 100% cotton and water-based ink, this soft-to-the-touch globetrotter will get you through anything.

  • Nalgene bottle with mushroom graphic

    The Morning After Flask

    You already have your flask for the night of. Here’s your flask for the morning after. Our widemouth Nalgene is perfect for guzzling water after a magical night of Mezcal. But honestly, she’s perfect for just about anything.

  • Black cap with "Mezcal" embroidered in white on the front in a serif typeface

    Mezcal Farm Cap

    Meet our "Mezcal Farm" cap. We kept it simple with this one. "Mezcal" is boldly embroidered on the front, so everyone knows how magical you really are. Adjustable velcro closure. O/S fits pretty much anyone.

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