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From the magical foothills of Oaxaca

The hills of Oaxaca, Mexico

The Birthplace of Rosaluna

Born under a warm, rose moon, Rosaluna is carefully hand-crafted in a Santiago Matatlán, nestled between two towering mountains.

Close up of Rosaluna bottle label, reading "Handcrafted in Oaxaca, Mexico"

Our hand-crafted spirit comes from a family who has spent over six lifetimes perfecting their craft.

Based in the heart of beautiful Oaxaca, the brother and sister duo live in the small village of Santiago Matatlán, lovingly known as “The World Capital of Mezcal.”

Also, we’re 100% vertically integrated. This means we grow, farm, ferment, and distill our own agave from start to finish.

How our Mezcal is made

  1. Farming

    It all starts by planting baby agaves and nurturing them with water and sun for up to eight years. As they’re growing, we constantly clean them by hand and maintain fresh Matatlán soil. This special soil gives the mezcal earthy notes later in the process. When they’re ready, we harvest the heart of the agave and remove the leaves (pencas) in order to get only the pineapple (piña) which contains the most sweetness.

  2. Roasting

    Once the agaves have been harvested, we start a fire with pinewood logs in the ground, cover it with stones, and carefully pile on the agaves. This process adds a distinct note of cooked agave into Rosaluna and takes up to five days.

  3. Milling

    In this part of the process, we use a mash or a mill to take all of the juices and fiber out of the cooked agave plant.

  4. Fermenting

    Using pine wood, we add water to the juice and agave fiber to begin the fermentation process. Fermentation is where the magic happens and we start building alcohols—it can take up to eight days.

  5. Distilling

    In our double distillation process, we begin by mixing the fermented agave juice with the fiber. In the second distillation, we take the head and heart of the first distillation and distill it again. This process separates the water from the alcohol and captures the alcohol into the final spirit of Rosaluna.

Rosaluna's agave field

How our Mezcal is made

Santiago Matatlán landscape
Santiago Matatlán landscape

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