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Meet the Mezcal Glass: Our Favorite Way To Sip

So, you’ve decided that Mezcal is your new favorite spirit—welcome to the party! This iconic, smoky liquor is perfect for pretty much every occasion, so all that’s left is to figure out the best way to sip it. If you’re stressing about the best way to sample the magic of Mezcal, don’t sweat it. First off, we’re firmly of the belief that you can enjoy your Mezcal however you want—it’s all about having a good time. That said, it’s always fun to try things the *traditional* way, so let’s get to it.

What Glass Do You Use for Mezcal?

When you’re sipping on Mezcal, you want to thoroughly surprise all of the senses—and that means you should try a copita! Copita is a Spanish word for “little cup,” and choosing the right little guy to sip your Mezcal from is going to make it ten times more fun.

The ideal copita is small in stature, with a wide mouth that allows the complex aromas of the Mezcal to reach the nose. This might sound a little more bougie than you’re willing to get, but really experiencing the smells of your Mezcal will help it taste that much better.

Here are some of the most classic copitas to look out for next time you’re sipping on the magic of Mezcal.


A jícara is a traditional drinking cup made from the fruit of the jícara tree, which is sort of like a gourd. They can be plain and simple, or they can be intricately carved and decorated. It all depends on the vibe you’re going for.

Since the jícara is made from organic material, it might absorb a bit of your Mezcal, as well as any other liquid. Make sure to keep the dish soap away unless you’re a fan of Dawn-flavored Mezcal. The Jícara is basically the cast iron pan of Mezcal, so if you love your cast iron as much as we do, you’ll want to invest in a jícara too.

We also love this traditional cup because of its big, wide mouth, which allows the Mezcal to dazzle your senses and tantalize your taste buds. Need we say more?


Veladora glasses, or candle glasses, are another type of traditional cup used to serve Mezcal. These beauties were originally produced to hold candles, and then the glasses were reused. Reduce, reuse, recycle check!

Veladoras have a cross at the bottom and sayings that go with it: “Hasta no verte, Jesus mio” or “Hasta el fondo,” which translate to “Until I see you, my Jesus” and “Until the bottom” respectively.

Coincidentally, those original candle holders were perfect for Mezcal, with a wide mouth and a perfect palm-fitting size. Another plus to this glass is its transparency, which allows you to examine the beautiful color (or lack thereof) of the Mezcal you’re sipping.

Stem Glasses

Okay, so… these aren’t quite classic Mezcal drinking glasses, but they’re our little secret. A stem glass is Mezcal Rosaluna’s special spin on how to drink your Mezcal. It’s not a traditional glass, but we’re convinced it’s the new new.

A stem glass makes for classy sipping of Mezcal straight. It’s like a Veladora in high heels. You can also mix up something a little special and serve a Mezcal cocktail in a stem glass for an extra fancy twist. Blast off these last weeks in office with Wake TF Up, and then ring in the new year with Midnight Magic!

What’s the Traditional Way To Drink Mezcal?

We love Mezcal for its complex aromas and flavors. It’s definitely one of those spirits you learn how to taste more over time, so we suggest sipping on some Mezcal Rosaluna whenever the mood strikes.

Looking to make the most of your magical moment? The secret to taking a Mezcal and getting to know all those aromas and characteristics is in how you sip!

Grab Your Glass

Grab your glass of choice with your entire hand, wrap your four fingers around the body and place your thumb across the top of the cup, dividing the mouth in two. The aroma will seep up through the lower division while the alcohol will flow towards your thumb.

Inhale through the lower half to catch those aromas and move away from the glass as you exhale. Try this multiple times and see if you can catch all the notes. Maybe you can identify the scents, and maybe you can’t, but either way, you’re sure to look like a professional.

Sip n’ Swish

On that first sip, be coy. It prepares the senses for the actual taste test, which will come later. Take just enough Mezcal to cover your lips, gums, and taste buds. Then blow out to release the alcohol and feel the oxygen activate aromas of the Mezcal.

On the second sip, show your love. Let the Mezcal get to know your mouth. Swish it around, and activate all those taste buds. Take a sip of air in through your nose. When the Mezcal goes down your throat, lightly blow some air out through your mouth, so it goes down a bit smoother, then quickly close your mouth.

At the end of that second sip, you could also leave your mouth closed and really get to know the aftertaste of the Mezcal, which is a whole other layer of personality. It’s more intense, but you will become better friends with your Mezcal if you can get to know it from all sides.

You should notice a big difference between the first and second sips. Go for a third and continue until you “see Jesus,” and you will really start to understand your Mezcal of choice.

Ice Is Not Nice

While most liquors are sipped cold (who hasn’t heard someone fancy order whiskey on the rocks), Mezcal loses some of its flavor when chilled. And watering Mezcal down with ice? We’re not about that life either.

Mezcal is appreciated for its strength and complex aromas, so if you want to get the full experience, sip on that baby straight up. Of course, here at Rosaluna, we take no issue with mixing it up a little. You can even definitely smoke up a classic mixed bevvy with the right Mezcal. Mezcalita, anyone?

Is There a Wrong Way To Drink Mezcal?

First of all, no. Second of all, no way! We think that if you’re enjoying your Mezcal, then you’re absolutely doing it right.

That said, if you’re throwing back a shot of Mezcal, you’re missing half the fun tbh. The smoky flavors and the multitude of aromas are there to be savored, so taking it slow is always a good choice. We think it’s your Mezcal saying, “How about you taste me next time!” Hey, maybe it’s a wild night, and a bit of a sting is in order. Then we say… better to have had than not at all!

Speaking of sipping, as we broke down above, the type of glass you use to drink your Mezcal is pretty important. Using a glass with too small of a mouth will trap the aromas inside, and you won’t be able to experience all your Mezcal has to offer. Grab yourself a glass with a big mouth, and sniff and sip away.


Here’s a freebie. The proper Mexican way to cheers is to clink glasses, make eye contact with all parties involved, and say, “Salud!” Now you’re ready to visit any Mezcal bar and look like a total natural. Get your copita, grab your glass the way we taught you, and get to saluding and sipping. Disfruta!


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